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Organization, finally!

June 24, 2009

I got this big green bin for all my yarn

Problem : all the yarn got tangled together and I had to dig around to find what I wanted.

Solution: different compartments for all my yarn 

Items Needed:

  • big bin
  • cardboard separators (i found some in a beer case – could possibly be found in wine cases, too)
  • large piece of cardboard (has to be big enough to fit in the bin, with some extra to go on the sides) (for this i used the back piece of one of those giant calendars that i’d been saving for something like this!)
  • scissors
  • duct tape
  • tape measure
  • pen
  • lots of yarn!

First i put the cardboard separators into the box to see how much room was left over. It was a pretty good fit, but i ended up moving one of the ‘slats’ of the  separators down to the end. (i did this for both of the separators) Then i filled up the slats with yarn – some of the bigger ones i could fit in two or three small balls of yarn in, and for the skeins, most of them could fit standing up – for me i put at least one big standing ups skeins at each end, so i’d have something to rest the other layer of yarn on.the bottom of the bin

Then i measured the bin to see how big my piece of cardboard needed to be, and cut it out. convientley, after cutting out the size needed, i had the perfect amount left to go on the sides of the cardboard, which i later taped onto the long way sides to the cardboard. i also had to tape part of the separator onto the cardboard so that when i picked up the top layer all the yarn wouldn’t run together in the middle. and by having some cardboard on the sides of the cardboard, the yarn wouldn’t run off the sides when i picked it out of the bin. (plus, the sides make taking out the top layer soo much easier!)the top layer i filled in the compartments with more yarn! thankfully i had just enough compartments to fit all of my yarn!

this is what it looks like when you take off the lid

this is what it looks like when you take off the lid

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