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end of summer/beginning of school

September 3, 2009

my senior year started today!! wahooo!!!!! my last yr of highschool.

anyways i’ve been pretty busy in the past few weeks and haven’t gotten much knitting or crocheting done….esp. b/c i lost my size 3 dpn and my little purple scissors 😦

i have gotten pretty far on my T-shirt bag…


my cousin, who is 7 and a big fan of Star Wars, has commissioned me to make him an Anakin Skywalker doll. so far i have one leg and a half! lol

last week i went to the beach with my friend and at night, on TV they were showing the Star Wars movies, starting with Episode One, so i’ve finally seen Ep. 1, 2, & 3! wahooo!!! (though i missed some parts of 1 and 2) but i was really sad b/c they didn’t continue showing the movies!!! they stopped at the 3rd one – what happened to 4, 5, and 6? how can they show the first three without showing the last three??

pencil case!

pencil case!

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