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rainy weekend

October 17, 2009

it’s been raining all weekend, which is perfect for many things: sleeping in, reading, watching movies, and knitting/crocheting
all of which i have done so far – yay!!!

yesterday was another one of my friend’s birthdays, so i made her a cupcake from a crochet pattern that i’ve used before for another friend. the pattern is a free one from anapaulaoli.
she loved it, and it only took me about an hour and 20 mins! (i was watching Project Runway, yay!) the candel isn’t part of the pattern, but it needed something else, so i made a candle using a toothpick, consrtuction paper, and glue.










(i used photoshop to blur out the backround! yay for photoshop that is like 10 years old that i found on our really old computer!!!)



This weekend i finished my first “wrist warmer”. i really liked the pattern (found from some random book) but it didn’t turn out like i hoped, their too lose. i want to be able to wear them under a coat or sweatshirt….i might have to create my own pattern, b/c all of the ones i try never turn out how i want them.






















Anyways, i hope to finish my cousin’s Anakin Skywalker doll this weekend, he keeps asking if i’ve finished it yet and i feel bad because i havent’. especially b/c he’s sick, poor little guy.

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