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ahhh! school work and college stuff is taking over my life!!!!

November 3, 2009

it’s been a while, like two weeks or something…wow!!

anyways, thanks to the world series i’ve been able to get much farther on my Anakin Skywalker doll.


overall i’m pretty happy with it – except the head is kinda small…but whatever, that head took SOOOOO LONG!!!! so i’m not going to redo it. though i do need to reinforce the head….


so ya…. um, just a little bit to tilty for my liking…and then there’s the fact that i know that a seven-year old boy will be probably shaking it around and making it do all sorts of jumps and stuff  ^_^

and then, the last thing i need to do is make the light saber!!! and then i can give it to him!! which is hopefully really soon, because it’s been about 3 months since i started! and every time i see my cousin he asks me if i’ve finished it yet.

btw, the finished size of the doll is about 13.5 inches tall!!! and the light saber is going to be about 7 inches long

hopefully, since i have like a few more hours of free time, i’ll finish the light saber!!!

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