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a good weekend!

December 20, 2009

not much crafting went on :/
i ended up starting a bunch of different projects, and then frogging them…(one was a snowman, that was HUGE, even tho i used a much smaller crochet hook and really thin yarn, and the other was the beginning of some fingerless mitts, the yarn wasn’t right for the project…)
also i finished the 2nd ruffle scarf, and as i expected, it was too short. so i’m going to either 1) start over or 2) do the same thing agian and sew them together!!

on a happy note, i turned in all of my applications!!! i just need to send out a few supp portfolios and i’m fine!!!

also, i went around my house today to take pictures of the beautiful snow – and to measure! we got an average of 13 inches, but i measured around 1 o’clock, and the sun had been shining for a while…

snow slipping off the roof

my dad looked out the window and saw this and it looks soo cool!! i took some pictures under it, but not many b/c i was afraid it might fall on me!! (and then my poor camera would be ruined!)

don't the shadows look cool?

our wreath also looked really cool:

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