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new-found blogs and some more goals…

January 9, 2010

2 new goals (one is for my blog/crafting, the other is for me…..):

I have decided that I procrastinate too much. Things like facebook and tumblr and blogs are so addicting!!! but at the same time I love looking at other people’s blogs (mostly craft ones) because they inspire me to create things…or at least want to create things. So I guess another goal I have for this year is to spend less time on the internet and more time crafting!

Another goal is to eat better and drink more milk. I HATE milk, it tastes so gross to me, but I know that I need the calcium xp…I don’t really want to get osteoporosis, either…And I need to cut out bad things from my diet like bake sale items!

Anyways….I found some good blogs today (it’s Saturday, so I don’t feel like doing homework even tho that would probably be the smart thing to do!) on is From Scratch (mostly because she mentioned some good books ^^) and her sister’s blog, A Beautiful Mess. Also yesterday I found a new one via Maedchenmitherz (who always has cute pictures and crafts) called Run With Scissors.

What I should be doing right now:
– putting the final touches on my portfolios for college so I can send them out by the 15th
– finishing my “8 Queens” problem in comp sci
– reviewing for midterms!!! (ackk! only a week and a half)
– reading Great Expectations, which, in case you were wondering, is really hard to get through…200 pages to go!
– memorizing a soliloquy from Hamlet
– doing my math review packet

man! homework sucks!!!

What I’d rather be doing than the stuff mentioned above:
– doing something with all of the seashells I got – like cleaning them and de-smelling some of them!
– starting the slippers for my mom
– making a frame for a great teacher/mentor of mine that’s going away on sabbatical in a week and a half! 😦
– making a new camera case! (mine got sandy – it was used as a shell bag out of necessity…) (do  see a pattern that could be posted here??)
– testing some of the patterns that I’ve created so I can post one!!!
– make candy-cane ice cream for my friend!! (unfortunately we don’t have all of the right ingredients…)

on a happy note, for the past like year (well, not that long, but at least since the summer) I have wanted to do a murder mystery dinner party for my b-day, which is in less than a month (gasp!)
only problem is that there are 6 people I want to invite, meaning I need a 7 person game. Unfortunately I have to hope that someone can’t come, so that we can do the Chinese Takeout mystery. Otherwise I have to invite someone else, which wouldn’t be hard, but we’d have to do the less-fun-looking Watersdown Affair mystery. The Chinese one is better because since I’m only inviting girls, it only has 2 boys and 4 girls, rather than the 4 boys, 4 girls that the Watersdown one has (I mean characters that you can portray, btw…).
Plus, who doesn’t like Chinese food??

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