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good day :)

January 29, 2010

I had a really good day!!!

first of all, it was Friday, so how can it be bad?
I didn’t get that much homework
I finally started working on the lining for a patchwork purse that I made a few years ago, and best of all, MY SEWING MACHINE ACTUALLY WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s a MIRACLE!!!!!!! yayayayayyay!!! 😀
also, I had friends over and we watched silly video clips before going iceskating, after skating we watched part of the Nova-Lehigh game, which was really cool, they’re really good!!
on the way home we wanted to stop at a place nearby for ice cream (ya, we went iceskating, it was about 20 or so degrees – maybe less- outside and we wanted icecream) but it was closed, so we went to Acme and bought icecream there (yay for Reese’s Klondike bars!), had a dance party in the chip isle, and I watched two of my friends try to waltz out of the store. needless to say that that was hilarious and that I got most of it on tape. hahahah 🙂

so now I’m really excited for this weekend so that I can finish this bag and maybe even hem some pants!!! I also want to make something with granny squares – I’m thinking a bag. I also want to maybe make something for my cousin, who’s 12th b-day is this weekend. Also, I want to make something fun for the friend who’s been driving us around a lot lately! (she’s the oldest and has her senior lisence – I can’t wait to get mine – and also be allowed to drive on highways! -.- )

anyways, I hope your Friday was as good as mine!!

and here’s some pictures for fun…

I took this a while ago, flying home from Pittsburg

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