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Best Day EVER

February 4, 2010

so far I’ve pretty much had the best day!!!  (so naturally I need to share my happiness…)

first of all, today’s my b-day! yay! 🙂

one of my best friends, Emily, made me delicious self-made funfetti cupcakes (as in she added the sprinkles herself) and even wore my favorite color (green) and wore frog earrings (my fave animal) and she made me an awesome card!!! I ❤ her so much!! 🙂 she’s one of the longest friends that I’ve ever had – excluding my sisters, of course – and she is the one who taught me how to knit!! 🙂

my computer science teacher brought in cookies and brownies to class since he got confused on what he was trying to teach us yesterday…mmmmm 🙂

I got candy from my birthday buddy 🙂

Another one of my good friends made me a cute card and gave me a cupcake 🙂  (a sweets overload, I know ^_^)

AND I just found out that Anna from Mochimochi Land, whose been doing a series of tiny things since July. She said that if we suggested something and then if she used our suggestion, we would get a free pattern, so back in July I suggested a sailboat, and she made it today!!! yayay!!!!!!!! I’m SOOOOO excited!!!!!!! 🙂  … now I just need to decide what pattern I want, there are so many good ones – I’m tied between 3…. 😀

So I want to share some happiness by way of some fun things 🙂

Evolution of Dance:

Lard Man:

the last one has inspired me to make lard man…which is what I’m going to do after I finish my hw =D


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