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Lard Man

February 6, 2010

What You Need:
– yellow yarn (I used Caron’s Wintuk) and a few scraps of black yarn
– double pointed needles size 8
– fluff
– yarn needle

2 in by 2 in: 11 rows by 7.5 sts
This isn’t that important, the ratio of length to width is – it’s about 2in wide by 5in long (or 12cm long by 5cm wide)

Body Tube
CO 29 sts on double pointed needles
k in round until piece measures about 12 cm

Ends (make 2)
CO 8 sts on 1 needle (going to be knitting on straight needles)
10 rows of St st (start on a knit row)
BO purl-wise (should be a 2in by 2in square)

With the body tube inside-out, sew in one of the squares to one side of the tube (this will be come the top)
Then add the eyes – they should be oval and about 1/2 a stitch apart – also they should be 5 sts from the bottom and about 3 stitches long and a little less than 1 sts wide.
Stuff liberally.
Sew on the bottom, and stuff a little more, and close up the bottom. Secure ends.

Okay, so I have no idea if this’ll work, but I can’t try it since I don’t have any pipe-cleaners. But what I wanted to do was bend them in half to make little legs about 1.5 cm long with little feet and I was just going to thread it through the bottom, however you could also make little legs by crocheting them. unfortunately I ran out of black yarn so I can’t really make any good ones – plus I really want to try it with pipe-cleaners! (I think I need to scourge my basement to see if I find anything useful….)

Well, I’m really sorry that’s it’s not a 100% finished project…but as soon as I go to the craft store, I’ll get some pipe-cleaners and finish it!! (and post pics, of course)


yay! I finally got pipe cleaners!! Here’s how he looks with pipe cleaners for legs!

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