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so much SNOW

February 6, 2010

🙂 we haven’t had this much snow in forever!!! 24 inches at 12:30pm! however it’s supposed to slow down/stop btwn 2 and 4…. also this is the 2nd big snow storm we’ve had this year!

unfortunately, however, I will probably not get a snow day for all of this snow – maybe not even a 2 hr delay on Monday, (though I did see that there might be some snow on Wed. ^_^), and I had to cancel the b-day party that I was going to have tonight, which will probably be murder to find another day where all 7 of us are free Xd

on a good note, though, I have an excuse of staying inside and watching TV yay! which also means some crafting! 🙂 plus there are 2 5-hr marathons of NCIS on USA today. So ya, you know what I’m doing ^_^

last night I watched NCIS and a movie w/my parents and did some crafting…

pieces of Lard Man


more to come about him as soon as I finish him! =]

also, I almost finished my slippers! and then I can make my mom some slippers! yay!

well, I think I’ll go do some crafting/NCIS watching and later go and make a snowman!! (we’re having an extra-credit contest in Physics, lol)

I’ll leave you with a few pics of the snow…I’ll probs take some more later when I make my snowman ^_^

TWO FEET!!!!!!

snow crystals on my window

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