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impending snow storm?

February 9, 2010

well, we’re supposed to get at least 6 inches, maybe even another foot – and at the most a foot and a half!!! woah!! sooo much snow! 🙂

and because of all this talk about snow the next thought is “snow day?” (or days, if you’re very optimistic) at school today all the teachers were like “if we don’t have school tomorrow then…”  and some teachers even told us to have a good snow day! so I really, really, really hope there’s a snow day tomorrow!!!
one of my teachers asked our class who, if we didn’t have a snow day tomorrow, would be emotionally shattered. I raised my hand. It would be very sad – so much hype over nothing would be depressing. so… PLEASE GIVE US LOTS OF SNOW SO WE CAN HAVE A SNOW DAY!!!!!!

another problem with all this hype about snow is that now I really don’t want to do my homework…I dont’ have that much, but if I have a full day of school tomorrow (no 2-hr delay or anything) then I’ll have to take my math test Xd … ya, I’m not ready. *sigh* well, I’m going to go and try to study for my test…

but I want to show you how far I’ve gotten on my Love Rocks! necklace…

I got pretty far yesterday while watching Cry Baby – two of my friends told me that it was hilariously awful and therefore funny and that I should see it. So naturally, I had to see it. yay for Hulu!! 😀

only problem is now I kinda feel like watching Grease haha

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