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snow, glorious snow!

February 10, 2010

thanks to about two feet of snow today I’m getting another snow day tomorrow!!! yay!!! 😀  *is super excited*

naturally I went out and took pictures, where the snow came up to mid-thigh which was an adventure in itself, but I also helped some poor trees that were buried or severely bent over because of this wet snow (this past weekend was really light and powdery – today was rather heavy)

I also started the slippers from my mom and made the first one, but it’s too loose, so now I have to start over b/c I’m some-what of a perfectionest…at least when it comes to things that you wear – like loose slippers which would personally drive me crazy and therefore I would never wear them.

so I’m starting over, however I really like this pattern by Good Knits – I just need to make it a little smaller…conviently however, my mom and I have the same sized feet, so that makes things easier 🙂

p.s. sorry for the bad pic quality

yes, that is our mailbox...just to give you some perspective

foot prints...well maybe "leg prints" would be more accurate...

it's rather hard to see out this window...

I took so many pics today, so the rest’ll be on my flickr

ahh well, maybe more crafting will be done tomorrow…I had too much fun reading/enjoying to snow today ^_^

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