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February 14, 2010

I finished my mom’s slippers!! yay!!

I ended up adding a chain across the middle/top, but I was too annoyed with them to take another pic.

Never again will I make another slipper!!! Ugh!! (well maybe not never, but for at least a good month!) they are so obnoxious to make b/c they never fit as tight as I want them too, or are slippery or something else – I tried 3 different patterns and still am not 100% satisfied. However, I really didn’t want to spend more time making them, esp ’cause they were supposed to be a Christmas present X(. oh well. They will work for the moment.

kinda stinks though, because I really wanted to make myself a pair, too, but now the thought of making slippers me want to scream!


off to go finish the Love Rocks necklace before it’s not Valentine’s Day anymore…

also, my friend told me about this site, Gives Me Hope, which is like FML for optimists (that’s one of their sayings) haha, but it’s soo happy and cute! yay! and sometimes sad, but still… 🙂 
ya I spent about an hour or so just reading posts – 25 pages in fact *feels a little guilty* I probs should’ve been doing something more productive, but whateves…

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