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another snow day!

February 26, 2010

I told you that February was an amazing month!

yesterday we got out of school early, too! yay! So today, I’m going to try to be productive!!

my to do list:
– finish granny square bag
– finish hemming sweat pants
– fix the rip in my pajama pants
– finish my camera case!!! (just need to do the button-hole and finish the closing flap…)
– finish my alligator
– play DDR ^_^ hehehe I haven’t played it in forever! I miss it….
– something with all my shells!!

well that’s a pretty long list and it’s already 1 o’clock! better get crackin’

This day is turning out to be awesome, so far, no school and my dad’s plane took off, so he will be coming home! and one of my sister’s should be able to come home tonight! yay! I don’t like being an only child 😦 (except for having the car to myself hahaha ^_^)

before I left for school - 2/25/10 6:40am

when I came home from school - 11:35am

before it got too dark - 5:25pm

when I woke up - 2/26/10 10:35am

we’ve gotten around 5 inches or so! it’s hard to tell, b/c it wasn’t sticking much in the beginning – just to trees, old snow and roofs

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