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gotta love weekends

February 28, 2010

I know that I do ^_^

I was surprisingly productive this weekend! I managed to finish several products…I now have another pair of wearable sweatpants that won’t drag 3 inches on the ground, my pajama pants no long have a huge ripe or hole at the knee, and best of all, I have a brand new camera case!! 😀 (more on the camera case later – it’s kinda hard to take a pic when my camera is inside the case and my webcam is not cooperating!) Oh – and I played some DDR, too, hahaha ^_^

I also went ice skating on Saturday night, and then watched our school’s girl’s hockey game. They lost, again 😦 but we have fun cheering them on. 😀

I’m excited for this week though, because tomorrow I’m going on a field trip to take pictures, then I have two days of school and then a four-day weekend! yay!

Also this weekend I tried to make a headband – like one to cover my ears – but I decided that I needed to learn/experiment with different types of cables and lace-type knitting first

I realized that I haven’t put up a pic of my granny square bag yet!

I hope this gives you some idea…the colors don’t turn out well on photos…I also haven’t decided if I want to add a lining or not…

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