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some cute finds

March 13, 2010

So the other day I was looking on Craftzine for some ideas on how to entertain kids – I’m going to be babysitting two elementary school boys for 7 hours next Sunday and needed to have some ideas up my sleeves! – and I found some really cute things along the way….

1. This really cute Remy, from Ratatouille, which was something, when I saw the previews for the movie, that I wanted to make!

SoulCrochet did such an awesome job – esp w/the colors and chef’s hat!!! She even has it here as a free pattern!

2. FableHandmade make this really cute “scarflette” called Might Oaks:

I love the little acorns and the leaves, too!  ^_^
this one also has a free pattern via Etsy, found here.

3. also, I found a lot of really cute patterns from headbands to wrist-warmers, by CreativeYarn

Also my friend, Emily, gave me a belated birthday present that included a book of really cute crocheted animals!

She also gave me some really cute earrings and a Michael’s gift card! yay! 😀

So I think I’m going to do some crocheting this weekend!! It’s raining non-stop here and is VERY windy!! I kept waking up last night b/c of the wind! But it’s the perfect time to read, or crochet – plus I got a book on CD out of the library 🙂

I hope your weekend’s drier than mine!

p.s. do you think I used “really cute” enough? haha wow – I need to vary my vocabulary! sry! 😛

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