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it’s been a while…

April 13, 2010

I’m afraid I haven’t been very productive on the crafting front…what with being out of town, a boat-load of homework, and tons of yard work…But atleast I got to spend time with both of my sisters and have had time to read ^_^

On Saturday I went to a HUGE garage sale at a nearby church – I got 12 books for $2!! and a brand-new Monopoly board game for $1 (I figured it’d be a fun thing to have at college next year) 🙂  it was pretty awesome!

These next four weeks are going to be CRAZY, but I hope to have something to write about this weekend. 🙂

however, I did find a prom dress last week, yay! I just need some shoes ^_^

AND my dad said we could build my shelf this coming weekend!!! (I really hope this happens!)

I must look really weird on airplanes – but I keep seeing really awesome sunsets from them! And of course, I can’t resist snapping up a picture ^_^

sunset from the air 4/7

sunset from the air 4/7

Oh! and I found the most awesome pair of walking-around-in shoes – only problem is finding my size!

They are the Onitsuka Tiger by Asics – Ultimate 81 – and the color is Rainbow/Kiwi! how awesome is that? hahaha 😀

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