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awesome weekend!

April 18, 2010

first of all, I earned $80 really easily, awesome-ness
then, I spent 2 nights with some very good friends of mine
also, I finally had my starry night picture hung up, along with my white board! yay!!! 🙂 (also a yay for less-bare walls!)
and I got to spend some time with my cousin – today was her Confirmation, and I was her sponsor 🙂
Oh! and I got shoes for prom – but they’re gold and not as high as I’d like…but that also means I’ll be able to dance in them, lol – so to make up for that lack of height, I also got a pair of platform flip-flops ^_^

Also three of my friend’s b-days are coming up! ahh!! And one is on Tuesday, the other two are both next Monday! but still, TUESDAY!! ackk! *goes off to find something to make*

also, this is me procrastinating on homework – gahh! senoritis!!!! but I have a field trip tomorrow, so I also have tomorrow night to do homework… 😀

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