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prom and some other stuff :)

April 24, 2010


I know the prom has different meanings to everyone – some people talk about it for weeks before hand, and others don’t want to go at all. Personally I just wanted to go for fun, so I could hang out with friends. Plus I didn’t go last year and I wanted the prom expericence, as silly as that sounds.

I had a lot of fun! Before hand, 2 of my friends and I got manicures and pedicures (my first ever pedicure, and 2nd manicure!).
We took pictures, went out to eat at Chinese resturante, and went to the dance. We had a party bus!! One of our friend’s mom’s gave it to our friend as her birthday present! It was awesome! Prom itself was pretty good – at first the music kinda stunk (they kept playing rap – what kind of dance music is that?!?) and mostly people were just grinding (disgusting *blech*) – but the music got better, and you just ignore everyone around you, and have fun. 😀

There were a bunch of glow-sticks everywhere, so there were necklaces, bracelets, and glasses. Not to mention the light-up glasses, and light-up mini-fans.

So ya, overall I had a great time, and I had so much energy by the end, and I was even still wearing my heels! (haha, they are only like an inch or so, but still that’s definitely a record for me!)

Anyways, the “other stuff” part of this post…

I only have two more weeks of school until internship!! yes! and then only 4 more weeks until graduation!! SO EXCITED!!!/senioritis is killing me 😛   sooo close, yet so far away!! garr AP tests…

OK. so. maybe I should actually talk about something crafty…

I really want to make myself a little cloth wallet. My friend Clara-Ann got a really cute one from Japan, with a zipper and it has keys on the outside and a pocket on the inside. I’m jealous ’cause it’s really small but can fit everything (lisence, money) perfectly and not weigh down your keys.

And I really want to make that necklace – the DIY I posted last Thursday….


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