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last week!!

May 3, 2010

yes!! my last week of highschool!!! I’m so excited!!! yay 😀

also my sister Katherine came home from college!! yay! and I’ll never have to be like an only child for an extended length of time again!!!! yay!!! 🙂

I also got much farther on my sweater/cardigan! I finished the back and am now on the right front!

Also I need to start a bunny or something for a someone who just had a baby girl. 🙂

Yesterday I was babysitting and saw more of Avatar. Last week I saw the first half hour (about) but this time I saw it up to the fighting part…ya…it was interesting and I loved the part at night where everything was all glowing and stuff. But it was really weird…ya…Anyways I just asked my friends what happens in the end so I don’t have to watch the long fighting scene. lol.

Also I saw Singing in the Rain! Yay! I like this movie a lot, it’s really cute and I love the music. Though there’s this one part near the end that I really don’t like b/c it’s really long and is not about the plot, really….

that was pretty much my weekend…okay I should really be studying for my AP tests tomorrow and Wed…blahhhh

4 more days!!!!!!!

oh! I totally forgot to mention this earlier, but last week I went to another book sale (I’m addicted, I know) and got 6 books for $3! yay! (not as good as other sales, I know, but at least it goes to the library ^_^) I got some more Amy Tan books and A Hundred Years of Solitude and some other books…

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