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cardigan chaos!!

May 10, 2010


I finished the last of the parts last night! wahoo!!

So this afternoon I sewed the cuffs to the sleeves and the shoulders all together. Next was sleeve time!

And here is where I ran into my problem….the sleeve part isn’t as long as the armhole length, so now it’s really awkward…I think I might need to sew and extra traingle to stick in there…or something….
So for the moment I just sewed up the sides of the cardigan to the armhole part, and am in the midst of sewing up the sleeves most of the way. I hope I’ll be able to figure out a way to make this work while still looking good!!!!

I tried to just use the sides of the sleeve as part of the end for the armhole, but it was pulling too much, and that’s when I was like “crap, I really do need to make inserts” :/

anyways…here are some pictures from my weekend, I went to NYC with my lovely family 🙂

view from our hotel room - the time was off by a good 15 mins, lol

the Empire State Building!

sry for the crappy picture quality, but it was a pretty sweet theater

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