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Wavy Bracelet

May 12, 2010

here’s the final product:

it’s really comfy! yay for cotton! and super easy and fast to make!!! 😀

You Will Need:

– yarn (I used Lily Sugar’n Cream: Rose Pink, medium, 100% cotton)
– crochet hook – size D (3.25mm)
– a button that has a loop on the bottom
– yarn needle


The one that I am posting a pattern for is for a wrist 6 inches around with some helpful sizing tips in ()


– ch 34, turn  (for each extra inch needed add 6 sts)
-*sc, sc, sl st, sl st* across (I started with 2 scs first because I wanted to end with scs, not sl sts, so try and make that work out…if not, it’s not a huge deal)
-sc around the end of the piece (like 1 or 2 scs depending)
-*sc, sc, sl st, sl st* across – going on the other side of the starting chain – just make sure that your stitches are mirroring those on the other side – that’s the important part!
-when you get to the end, ch 8 (this part isn’t critical, either, you just want the bracelet to fit and for the loop to be able to go around the button)
-attach the end of the chain using a sl st, making a loop, cut yarn
-weave in ends

On the opposite end of the loop, attach the button, weave in ends, and you’re finished!!!

wear it like that, or like this…

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