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crocheted bracelets

May 12, 2010

Tonight while watching NCIS, Glee, and Sherlock Holmes (again) I was experimenting with flowers and bracelets.

I want to make something cute and summer-y for my friend whose birthday is on Saturday.

At first I was trying to make this bracelet

…but my yarn was too thick for it, so it was HUGE. Also the pattern was kind confusing ūüė¶¬† (I might try it agian, but with different yarn and a smaller hook, or maybe just the same yarn, but pull of some of the strands…we’ll see…)

so then I decided to modify the pattern and I got this…

which I liked – it’s like the inside ring of the flower above –¬†but I haven’t figure exactly how I wanted to make a strap for it.

I experimented with making a smaller flower but it wasn’t that much smaller, so I decided to experiment again, but this time with just a strip that was wavy…I made both sides and got this…

I really liked the straps so I then made a whole bracelet like it…

Now I just need to add some buttons and I’ll have 2 cute bracelets!! And¬†weave in all the ends, of course!¬†(Oh and figure out a bracelet for the big flower… :/ )

But it’s late, so I’ll do that tomorrow! (or since it’s actually 12:40 in the morning, I’ll do it later today!!)

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