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yay for full bookshelves!!

May 17, 2010

The other day I finally reorganized my bookshelf! 

It needed it. I had books stacked on top of other books, books in front of other books, and *gasp* books on the floor! 

(unfortunately I accidently deleted the photo of my book shelf from 3 years ago – I only had enough books to fill up a shelf and a half!) 

Currently I have 161 books! 

this is what my book shelf looks like with just books


(there are some that I need to get rid of…also there’s an AWESOME book sale at the end of July every year – so I should be able to fill up that last foot on the bottom ^_^) 

Here’s what my bookshelf looks like with all of my other stuff on it… 


yay! I love having lots of books!!! 

p.s. the empty spaces are where the books that my sister is borrowing goes 

recently we’ve been doing more reorganizing – my dad’s office!! it’s a surprise, so shhh!
he probably won’t be that happy, lol, but it really needed some organizing! unfortunately we’re not really able to throw much out, because we don’t know what he needs, but it really needed to be dusted! 

I gave up my desk (that used to be our kitchen table many years ago) to his office so we’re still doing a lot of shuffling around…we have a lot of time on our hands, can you tell?

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