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Food Painting

May 19, 2010

and it’s making me hungry!

for my internship I’m trying to learn HTML/CSS – and right now I’m designing a blog for my friend, Katy, who is learning how to cook from scratch (this is pretty much how I’m showing that I’ve done something with these four weeks) you can see her blog here 🙂

hopefully I’ll be able to do something cool with it!! *fingers crossed*

so! back to painting!

as you can probably tell, I need to cut them out! I guess I need some smaller brushes!

also, I haven’t gotten any farther on my blog…I made a banner, but it was too wide/tall 😦 and I still haven’t figured out how to get photoshop onto my computer! I have it on a disk, but my disk drive died…I might have to get an external one or something! 😦 I’m hoping that my dad has a suggestion…


I cut out the pieces!!

I feel like I need to make a fish (or a chicken) to go along with these ones…and maybe some pasta or something…what do you think?

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