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Fabulous Fabrics!

May 21, 2010

So we got a TON of really cool fabrics that were at my grandparents’ house. They all kinda smell musty, but the smell reminds me of their house, which I’ve always loved, so I don’t really care. Plus there is a lot of fabric! And some are really, really cute!

Take this one for example…

I’m going to make a new camera case and use some of those buttons…(yes, I am making another camera case!)

Also there is this fun fabric….

Which I’m going to make into like a little wallet/purse thing…I hope to make it big enough to hold $, ID and possibly my cell phone

So last night my sister and I took out all this fabric and pretty much took over the family room with it…we’re thinking of making quilts or something! 🙂

We were watching VH1 (lol) – they were having one of their I Love the ____ shows, and it was I Love the New Millenium. It was very entertaining! haha, so yeah, gotta have something entertaining while sewing for 5 hours.

I mostly worked on this…

It’s going to be a wallet…kinda like the one my friend has from Japan (that I mentioned like 3 weeks ago) – the seahorse design took forever, though! Also I have NO CLUE how to put zippers on things, and make it look good! So any tips, anyone? 🙂

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