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It’s Thursday already?!

June 3, 2010


Last weekend I went to the mountains with one of my greatest friends! We had a ton of fun! ❤

And now it’s Thursday!! ack! wow! It’s been pretty busy around here…

Oh! I got my hair cut last night!! yay! (in time for graduation and an award ceremony I’m going to tonight…)

I had my sister take a picture so I can use it for my ID card next year 🙂

Also last week (I kept forgetting to write about…) I read this really good book:

I loved the way it was written: all notes left on the fridge. CLICK HERE to read about the book from the website.

*WARNING* it’s really sad!! I knew that when I checked it out of the library, but seriously, I started crying like halfway/three-quarters through the book and couldn’t stop. But it was SOOO good!! So ya, if you need a good cry, this is the book for you

P.S. I didn’t ruin anything, b/c they pretty much tell you things aren’t 100% perfect in the inside flap!

P.P.S. It was so good that I read it in one sitting in an hour

ok I’m off to do something constructive…like making my blog better or something crafty!!

((wow I use a lot of !!! don’t I? oh well!))

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