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First Official Day of Summer!!!!!!

June 9, 2010


last night was my graduation so I’m officially out of high school and officially in summer! yes! 🙂

and since I have exactly 78 days between graduation and orientation I have roughly…11 wks! wow!! (well not exactly, of course since I have a few vacations and will leave a few days before orientation, but you get the gist!)

So what am I going to do with all that time you ask? GOOD QUESTION!!! (as I still do not have a job! 😡  grr)

but here are some things that I have planned, anyhow! 🙂

Yes, I did make a Java applet to make a summer to do list! It was a lot of fun! I’m practicing my applet-skills so that I can get my Bookshelf applet to work!! (hopefully) Also, I can easily add another item and can save when I check things off! yay! 😀

So I hoped you enjoyed my current list of 20 things I NEED to do this summer! Anyone else have a Summer To Do List?

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