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it’s been an awesome past week and a half…

June 21, 2010

The first three days I spent with my friends our senior “week” in the Chesapeake. We had so much fun swimming, sailing, canoeing, boating, and water-skiing!! 🙂  I also managed to take 109 pictures!! (granted not all of them were good, but still!)

the sun's going down..

crab for dinner!

Then I came home for a night and we left for the Outer Banks for a week. I love the OBX!!! I’ve been going there ever since I can remember. 😀  We had great weather, too – hot and sunny every day – with only one storm in the middle of the day (but that quickly blew over) and another thunder-storm at night that was awesome!! 🙂 I love thunder storms!

My family was there and we always have lots of fun – root beer floats, vegging on the beach, swimming in the ocean, sailing, making sand castles, PUZZLES! (we did about 4 or 5, I lost count), and games. yay! ❤ My PopPop came, too, and that was really nice!!

😦 Bodie Island Lighthouse was under construction



the pier

Not much crafting went on, obviously….I made a friendship bracelet that has fishies on it! but it’s really loose :/ I guess I have to practice my knotting skills…


But now I do have some new ideas! I really want to crochet a crab and a dolphin! 🙂 (more on this later and another idea that I have)

Also, I read two more books on my shelf that I have yet to read! yay!

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