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Finally Finshed Felted…bag…?

June 24, 2010

what’s a word for bag that starts with “F”? I couldn’t find one, so my alliteration is incomplete 😦

Yes, I finally finished it!

It only took me about….3 years? 4? I don’t remember when I started it!! ohh so sad

In the process I washed it 2 times, lost it 2 times, and debated about adding a strap. The finished size is 9.5 in by 5 in – so it’s kind of an awkward size :/ – I need to work on my felting skills

I used Lion Brand’s Landscapes, btw and I’m thinking of turning it into a make-up bag, it’s a little too big to be a clutch…I guess I could add a scrap..I have some leftovers…

any suggestions/ideas?

p.s. I’m really excited! The “lost it” link goes to my 4th ever post, and not only does the one before it say that I started this piece in the summer of 2007 – but it also has a link to that storm cloud that I mentioned 2 weeks ago! yay! 🙂 I also said “wondered” in stead of “wandered” *smacks forehead with hand*
WOW, you know I’m awesome at spelling!! (although I did warn everyone in my first ever post, haha :))

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