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dinner’s gonna be good!

June 27, 2010

Katherine’s making gnocchi!!!! YUM!!!!!!!!!! (from scratch!) I’m super excited! (and really hungry)

today I spent most of the day working on a project and on Shelfari – which is super fun! yay! I think I spent the last 3 hours on it! Xd wow that’s wayyyy too long of a time! ack! well, we’ll just pretend that didn’t happen….(btw, I tried Goodreads once, but I like Shelfari a lot better – it’s a lot easier in my opinion)

I’ll be back later, *hopefully*, with something good

Also! I’m going to finally start my laptop lap desk! yay! 🙂

Also! I’ve gotten half-way through the “C”s in my music collection!! only like…a bazillion songs left! (…especially since I got 4 CDs on Thursday…)

I also saw Leap Year with my Aunt and sister – it was a good time! 😀 (and a very cute movie)

let me tell you, it was delicious!!

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