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so many ideas floating around!

July 12, 2010

it’s true – I just don’t know which projects I want to work on, I have so many…

  • laptop desk – I started this about a week and a half ago and I’m about halfway maybe (?)
  • whale – I have the body, it needs some eyes and some surprise extras 😉
  • picture frames – I have 2 painted frames that I need to decorate some how (knit or crochet…)
  • dolphin – I have the body but it needs fins! (and eyes, of course)
  • rhino – this project I’ve been working on for 2 years!! so I really need to finish it! – I just need some legs and sew it all together (I think) though I’m not very satisfied with it currently… :/

so more on those items later!

I also want to get together with my cousin and teach her how to knit on dpns!! I promised I would this summer and I haven’t seen her in ages!!

I also just got back from a week-long retreat in VA, it was fantastic! We went hiking for two days but unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera, but here are some pictures from where we were staying…

and then I had some fun playing with the light…^_^

yay for writing w/light! 🙂

I also saw sooo many stars since we were in the mountains/valley! yay for being away from the city! and for seeing my first-ever falling star! so cool! 😀

oh! And I also finished an amazing book:

I love, love, loved it!!! It takes place right after World War II and is in letter format (which I also LOVE) and it was fantastic. If you’re looking for an interesting and good book to read, here’s one for you! 😀

well, I’m off to go do something “constructive”

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