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lap-desk! (a work in progress)

July 13, 2010

for a few days and most of today I’ve been working on this lap-desk for my laptop 😀

A while ago I was inspired by this Craftzine article for a travel laptop desk:

That was their finished product.

For mine I’m using materials that I already had laying around the house…

– an old shelf that we no longer needed (I was going to cut some MDF to size, but this works better b/c it’s thicker – thanks Dad!)
– a seat cushion I made about 3 years ago that I no longer use (and of course, I found this after I had already cut out and sewn up a pillow. As I was stuffing this makeshift pillow I went “the seat cushion!” and it ended up being the perfect size, so my makeshift pillow will show up again, I think, in its own project 🙂 )
– an old pair of jeans (actually my favorite pair that don’t fit)
– some ribbon

that’s the shelf and the jeans!

This is the cushion - I had to restuff it a bit - you can see some holes!

This project, as you can see, just by the materials, evolved A LOT during the making!! Originally I was going to cover the whole shelf, but then my sister was saying that it’d get really hot, so smoother would be better – so I decided to keep the majority of the shelf clear. And then I couldn’t figure out a good way to have just a border of cloth, so I made a separate cushion to go on the bottom.
That having been said, I still haven’t figured out how I’m going to attach the cushion to the shelf…I want to be able to restuff the cushion when it gets flat…

Well, here’s what I have so far!!

well, I’m off to go figure out how to attach the 2…

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  1. chocolatequest permalink
    July 14, 2010 12:53 pm

    even better (for the overheating issue) attach strips of wood or plastic at the top so that the lap top is at an angle OR parallel to the width of the laptop so it sits a half inch or so above the surface to encourage air circulation.

  2. Yarn Happiness permalink*
    July 14, 2010 11:39 pm

    hmm i shall half to try that! my desk always gets super hot after using my laptop for a while!!

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