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it’s Wednesday already?

July 14, 2010

sheesh this week is going by FAST!

I went to JoAnn’s this morning and got picture frames, flip-flops(to embellish), and more importantly, FOAM! My mom and I started re-stuffing the cushions! They are looking so much better and we’re almost finished. 🙂

this is the BEFORE!! see how squashed they are?

I’m also excited that I’m actually doing things on my to-do list for the summer! ~miracle!~ pretty soon I’ll be able to check something off!

I’m about half way on several points:  (8 to be exact)

*almost finished w/the lap-desk     *am reading books from my bookshelf (I gave up on all my library books :P)   *am mostly finished with my felt bag(????)      *we decided to buy cushions for our outdoor furniture than make them    *am almost finished re-stuffing the dining room chairs    *got frames for some of my photography pictures   *um…the sewing machine is set up in my room…so sort of???   *also I’ve been working out about 3x a week! wahoo!! 🙂

wahoo!!! yay productive-ness!!

Happy Wednesday!

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