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Good Finds Thursday – the new blogs edition

July 15, 2010

I keep finding new blogs that I really like. It’s a mixed blessing – I love looking at blogs for inspiration, etc. but it’s getting a little out of hand…I currently have 36 blogs that I like to look out!! Of course I wouldn’t have that many if it wasn’t for Bloglines!! 😀

anyways here are some awesome blogs that I’ve found recently:

Oopsey-Daisy –

she has a lot of cute projects 🙂 like these firecrackers

Joy’s Hope

she does awesome things with spraypaint! (and other things, of course):

Someday Crafts

 there are so many awesome crafts that they have found, it’s ridiculous (and by that I mean ridiculously awesome!) I love the idea of their blog, too! If you are ever in need of a good project, go check this blog out!

And there’s also Shannon Makes Stuff which I mentioned earlier today!

((all pictures are from their respective websites))

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