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another full day!

July 16, 2010

sheesh! I think this is a record! so many busy days in a row! usually my summer is VERY lazy!! 🙂

Today I sanded, washed, sanded and washed again, part of our laundry room – and then primed the spot (tomorrow’s painting time!).
I also went to Michael’s (<3!)  – they were having a sale on t-shirts (5 for $10 – which definitely beats JoAnn’s 3 for $9) so naturally I got 5 t-shirts, no tank-tops unfortunately (2 white, 1 red, 1 blue, 1 green) and I’m super excited to do some t-shirt recons!!!!!! 😀 I also got some fabric paint! 🙂  
We also went to Costco (yum! I love free samples, especially when they are those chocolate fudge bars – like the Healthy Choice ice cream bar things – and M&Ms!!! (it’s also good when they have bread! today they had this poundcake/coffee cake thing which was yummy)) Anywho..I did more than just that of, course, but whatever

I started looking at all the t-shirt refashions that I’ve found in the past and found this awesome blog that has TONS of them!!! And many involve ruffles! (which I’m not 100% sure how I feel about them – on me anyways…not a huge ruffle fan but she never goes too crazy) And here’s THE BLOG: Lex at My Momma Made It – there’s a whole link dedicated to refashions!! ❤ LOVE 😀  I’d link up some of my favorites, but there are too many!! :/

Her site has also led me to wish even more that I knew how to use my (or rather my mom’s) sewing machine better!!! MUST WORK ON THIS!  maybe I should look into a class of some sort…*ponders*

Also I was looking on Craftzine and found THIS cute braclet tutorial! ((gotta love Craftzine!!))

Okay! Off to do more work on my Bookshelf app thing (I spent 3+ hours on it last night!! XP)

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