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Bookshelf App!

July 16, 2010

…on my computer, made by me, for me 🙂 (yes I’m feeling selfish today!)

at least, I think that I’ve finished it as best that I can. It’s not a java app – like it’s own little window that pops up. But it does what I want it to do – mainly count my books, which ones I’ve read, and which ones I haven’t. And BEST of all, it’ll give me a random book that I haven’t read (at least I haven’t read MY book of whatever it is). SOOO excited.

My first book suggestion is Isaac Asimov’s Foundation. (well actually it said Second Foundation but you have to start at the beginning!)  I’m trying to read all of the books that I haven’t read yet on my shelf, and I couldn’t decide for my self!(of course as you’ll see below, it’s not what the screen says – I had to do some tweaking to make it what I wanted it to look like)

((click on image for a bigger view))

I hope that gives you some sort of an idea of what this took to make…a few hours only….maybe 4 or 5 (?) Anyways I’m pretty happy with it for the moment!! 😀  I like that I have the option of going back and changing things whenever I want/need to. ^_^

{smilie credit}


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