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Summer Goals Update!

July 18, 2010

(I’ve decided to do this every Sunday night…to recap the past week and make goals for the next one!)

Here’s how my list looks today…

3 down, 6 in progress, 11 to go!

but I’m working on framing my pictures from photography (I just need one more frame!), t-shirt recons (I have a TON of t-shirts and soooo many tutorials to choose from! :D), working out 3x a week (well…this week wasn’t good, but I’ve been pretty good otherwise… :/ ), my lap desk (as we speak Gorilla Glue is going to work on the Velcro attached to the board…I’m almost there! soo excited!), the felt bag (but I don’t know if I should do anything else to it! I must think on it…), and reading books from my shelf (see Bookshelf App!).

Next week I plan on finishing my lap desk, reading more books from my shelf, working out, a t-shirt recon, and finding that final frame, though I’ll probably end up making it myself…  I also need to finish working on our laundry room, a whale project (coming soon!), and figuring out what classes I want to take next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O 😀

I hope you’ve had a great weekend! 🙂

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