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My afternoon was spent doing this…

July 20, 2010

So A LONG time ago, I came across this t-shirt refashion on Craftzine, that I immediately loved! (apparently it’s from May 2009, so not that long ago, but still!)

this is what I’m trying to make!! 🙂

Now here’s mine…

First I had to undo the 1st yoke that I had b/c it wasn’t near big enough! (I ended up having to use a size 15 knitting needle, b/c none of my crochet hooks were big enough!! let me tell you, it’s not fun – it hurts your left hand pointer finger!)

I also had to cut this size L t-shirt to fit! (which was perfect, b/c then the back decal was cut off! yes!)

Here is where I am right now!! I’m waiting to get help from my sister…the back is hanging funny, but I can’t repin it while it’s on! And then all I need to do is sew on the yoke and get the armholes right! yes! SOOO CLOSE! 😀

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