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Summer Goals Update #2!

July 25, 2010

So there’s been a switch-er-oo on my to do list…I’ve decided to pass along the responsibilty of outdoor fruniture cushions to my mom…sooo I’m adding that I want to make a granny square pillow to my list! 😀 (It’s going to be for Katherine and I’m really excited to start it! 🙂 though my time is limited!!! ack! only a month until I leave for school!)

4 down, 9 in progress, 7 to go!

“Next week I plan on finishing my lap desk, reading more books from my shelf, working out, a t-shirt recon, and finding that final frame, though I’ll probably end up making it myself…  I also need to finish working on our laundry room, a whale project (coming soon!), and figuring out what classes I want to take next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O :D”

That’s what I said last week! The only thing that I didn’t get any farther on was finding the last picture frame for my photography pictures and working on the whale! Also I guess since I’m sewing that means that I’m working on being a better sewer (???).

Next week I hope to get that last frame, keep reading (maybe more in The Tipping Point?), start the granny square pillow, a t-shirt recon, get out another book on CSS and fill up my shelf with books!!! 😀

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