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Cardboard and Yarn Picture Frames – #3

July 27, 2010

#3: the 2nd knit one (seed st)


  • cardboard box (a cereal box or the like will work great! – I used an ice cream cone box)
  • yarn! (your choice!)
  • knitting needles
  • stitch holder
  • scissors (need sturdy ones to cut cardboard)
  • ruler
  • pen/pencil
  • paint (I used acrylic) & paintbrush
  • tape
  • hole-punch (if possible)
  • glue! (I used Gorilla and craft glue)

~Make a Cardboard Frame~

(I didn’t want to rewrite how to make a frame, so click on the link above!
P.S. for this one I made the border 1 inch wide!)

Knitting Time!

I used a medium weight yarn, size 8 straight needles. My gauge was 4 sts in an inch and 5 rows in an inch.


CO 33 sts (I had to experiment to get this to be wide enough…just fyi, it’s easier to do seed st with an odd number of sts)
(we’re starting at the top of the frame – so long-ways first, and then down)
rows 1 – 5: seed st (*k1, p1* across)
row 6: seed st 5, BO 23 (seed st wise), seed st 5  –  put the last 5 sts on a stitch holder
next: seed st for 30 rows (or until it meets the beginning of the bottom of the frame)
cut the yarn, put the sts from the stitch holder onto a needle and put the other 5 sts on the empty stitch holder
attach the yarn to the other side, and attach it so that you are starting at the inside of the knit frame
next: seed st for 29 rows (or until it meets the beginning of the bottom of the frame)
next row: seed st 5, CO 23, seed st 5 sts from the stitch holder – be careful not to twist the frame!
next 5 rows: seed st
BO (seed st wise)
weave in loose ends!

so you might be wondering why one side is 30 rows and the other is 29,  I found that when I went to go attach the 2 sides again, that I would be messing up the patter on the joining side, so I had to go back and add a row to that side

Attaching Time!

Using Gorilla Glue, I glued the yarn frame on the top frame.

 On the top frame, I punched 2 holes, one on each side on top, 1.5 inches from the sides. I cut a piece of yarn, about 10-ish inches (eyeball it) and tied it through the holes

Using craft glue I glued the 2 frames together, using the drawn lines as my guide. Make sure you have enough room to slide in a picture. Also, only glue 3 sides!

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