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Cardboard and Yarn Picture Frames: #4

August 3, 2010

The 2nd Crocheted One



  • cardboard box (a cereal box or the like will work great! – I used an ice cream cone box)
  • yarn! (your choice!)
  • crochet hook (I used a size F)
  • stitch holder
  • scissors (need sturdy ones to cut cardboard)
  • ruler
  • pen/pencil
  • paint (I used acrylic) & paintbrush
  • tape
  • hole-punch (if possible)
  • glue! (I used Gorilla and craft glue)

~Make a Cardboard Frame~

(I didn’t want to rewrite how to make a frame, so click on the link above!
P.S. for this one I made the border 1 inch wide!)

Time to Start Crocheting!

So first I found the gauge for my yarn and hook (it ended up being 10 dcs in 3 inches – that is long, I don’t care how wide it gets)

Then you measure the inside of the frame, like this:

(sorry, no actual pictures today :/)

Using your gauge chain the correct number of sts that would get you the # of sts each edge needs. Mine was 78 (25 + 14 + 25 + 14) for the sake of sanity I’m going to pretend that we have the same numbers.

Be careful not to twist the chain – no sl st to the beginning of the chain.
Ch 3, then DC across 24 times, in the 25th st 3 DC in one, then DC 13, 3 DC in one, DC 24, 3 DC in one, DC 13, 3 DC in one – you should be finished with all the stitches in the chain – sl st to the original ch 3
Ch 3, then do the same as above, but do the “3 DC in one” in the middle st of the original “3 DC in one”, at the end, sl st to the ch 3, cut yarn and pull through
Weave in loose ends

(my thanks to Craftzine for the inspiration/go here if you need better clarification)


Now’s the time to GLUE!! yay!

I used a mix of Gorilla and craft glue to glue the yarn frame on the cardboard frame.

After the glue dries punch 2 holes, 1.5 in from the side on the top of the frame.

Then using your yarn and hook, make a long-ish chain – however long you want it to look – and attached it through the holes.

Glue the frame on the cardboard rectangle, and the frame is finished and ready for a picture!

I was in a rush to finish this frame since it was a grad present for my friend and I was seeing her in like 20 minutes, but I did get a picture of all four finished…

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