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A very good day!

August 4, 2010

I started making a sewing machine cover for our sewing machine! yay! A little while ago I found this tutorial from Sparkle Power. It’s about 90% completed.

I just need to clean up some of the threads and stuff like that! Don’t you just love that fabric?!? I almost didn’t add a lining/backing part – but I’m really glad I did – it was good practice sewing! Especially since I learned that I can’t sew in a straight line! It got better in the end, the stitching on top is much straighter!! 🙂 Plus it looks much more finished now. I’m excited to finish it tomorrow.

I had one of my best friends over and we had another movie-watching/knitting/crocheting night! yay! I love having these! We went action movies and watched True Lies (my first Arnold Schwarzenegger movie – it was really funny and good, of course) and The Italian Job (which people kept telling me I needed to see – and I’m glad I did).

What did I make during these 2 movies you ask?


The “Orbital Oddity” from Knitting Mochimochi!!! I got the book from the library a couple of days ago, and all of the patterns are absolutely awesome!!  I love all the patterns in there! I just need to figure out who I can give them to…:D

I also plan on adding some glow-in-the-dark “lights” (made of puffy-paint) on the bottom! I think this guy is going to be replacing the squids on my fan!! hahaha 😀

the squids currently hanging from my fan!

Next to make from this book is the “Petite Pencil” (but it’s not going to be that tiny, I don’t have 1) the patience for that, 2) the small needles or 3) the yarn for it! so it’s gonna be bigger, but just as cute! (hopefully!))

Also, my first textbook came today! I hope the rest of mine come quickly, so I can make sure they’re the right ones!!!! ahhh!

Good news is though, my book came on cardboard, which is the perfect size for my 10×7 pictures! I just need some black spray paint and a little glue, and BINGO! 🙂

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