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another busy day…

August 4, 2010

Finished Projects of the Day

#1: Mini Trashcan Make-Over 


the spongebob trashcan is now silver! yay!


 #2: Cardboard Frame 

the cardboard I mentioned yesterday, spray-painted


the last frame! yes! 🙂


 P.S. I remembered that I still had those sticky corners (that are made for pictures) so that’s how it stays on the cardboard! I think I might add a string or something on the back so that I can hang it up… 

#3: Sewing Machine Cover 

tutorial from Sparkle Power, see today’s earlier post 

I finished the sewing machine cover!


a side view...


 #4: The (new and improved) Mini Cook Book 

The Mini Cook Book! (the first version was getting beat up - so I made a new one, all on a ring, and w/contact paper!)


 #5: The UFO 

the new addition to my fan....

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