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old ring + broken ring = new ring!

August 14, 2010

the old ring: so I had this one ring for a really long time (don’t even ask me why I still even had it…it was from when I was 8 or something…and had a big crack/dent thing in the blue – you can kind of see it in the pic…)

the broken ring: I had this really awesome mood ring in the shape of a turtle. I loved it, but unfortunately the turtle fell off one day 😦 and I lost the ring part

my solution…break off the blue heart and add the turtle!

it took a few minutes with the trusty hammer, but I finally managed to bend off the heart…(don’t worry, I wore safety goggles for this part!)

I sanded down the ring part, and got out my glue (yay for gorilla glue! 😀 )

This was probably the hardest part! There was no way to clamp the ring, so I had to hold it! gar! it was obnoxious, the good thing is that it works!

yay! I can now where my favorite ring again! 🙂 (I have actually, when I went to the movies a few weeks ago…ya I’m slow at posting, I know….)

(yes, I do like mood rings! I’m just that cool 🙂 I also have a mood necklace (in heart shape) that I really like…wow, I think I’m a 7th grader at heart or something…^_^)

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