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Marvelous Monday

August 16, 2010

(crappy title, I know…I couldn’t think of anything more creative, and I like alliterations…)

I went on another shopping spree today! yay! 🙂 with my mom and sister. I got 2 pairs of shoes (both have heels! yay for more height!), 3 shirt dresses (I couldn’t resist, don’t worry they’re all different, though!), some leggings, 2 pairs of shorts, some bracelets, and some earrings. 😀 yay! I’m ready for college! (I think…)

Last night (while watching Project Runway) I finally finished my whales!! 🙂 And then while watching the Next Food Network Star (yay for Aarti who won!!) and HGTV Design Star, I worked on my dolphin (pics later) and another braided bracelet.

Also, I’m all the way through the “U”s in my music collection!! yay! 🙂 it was funny because almost half of the tracks were [untitled] tracks. Do those bother anyone else? Don’t get me wrong, I love finding a hidden track on a CD, but come on, could you at least name it?? Is that too much to ask? Like on Mae’s recent CD, Singularity, there’s an untitled track which I love but it’s kinda weird to say, “ya, my favorite track is the untitled one, you know the one on Singularity.” blahh

Oh! and yay for thunderstorms!! We haven’t had on in a LONG time! (The last time we lost a huge tree and power for 2 days) But I’m glad we’re getting more rain! It rained last Thursday, but before that I seriously can’t remember the last time it rained. 😦 My sister’s watermelons are, as a result, puny. 😦

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