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Another To-Do List

August 21, 2010

I definitely have too many of these, but I love them, so whatever! 

I just wanted to show you what I’m working on (mainly tonight, and hopefully during the next to days, if time allows :)) 

N.B. (note bene) the only clean/simple place to take pics was my bathroom, so please excuse it and the poor lighting/fuzzy-ness :/ 

First is this t-shirt recon I’ve been working on for a few nights now… 


sleeves and some neck...

I’m thinking about making the shirt have a bigger neck hole…maybe even a slight v-neck, I haven’t decided yet…I also was thinking about adding an anchor on the side/front of the shirt…maybe? still thinking that over too. I don’t want it to be too like my inspiration shirt (shown below) but I don’t have any plain red shirts! 

from Ann Taylor LOFT, ❤

Second is another t-shirt recon…this one is going to have a big slice of watermelon on the side 🙂 (I have this obsession with watermelons…) 

*I actually had to move the watermelon, so it's not as crooked anymore...


yay for neon red fabric paint! 😀

Third is my clock! yes! finally! The last time I went to JoAnn’s I got some sand to glue on the base…I hope it works (sorry, no pics yet…) 

Fourth is my trashcan. I already spray-painted it silver…but it needs a something extra, so I’m going to paint some flowers on the side in black – we have this stencil thing. And then I’m going to spray it with that shiny stuff (still can’t remember what it’s called…) since every time I touch my trashcan I get silver on my fingertips…

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