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October 4, 2010

So on Saturday I was in Chicago! (for like all of 3 hours haha)

I went for a race from my school and it was AWESOME! (not necessarily the race, but the 10/11 hours in a car with some very interesting people ^_^) Unfortunately we basically drove there, slept, ate, drove to the race, raced, drove home. But I got some cool pics out the window! lol 🙂

it was sooo windy! like 30mph gusts – crazy-ness! plus it randomly rained/there was mist from the lake…but doesn’t that cloud look awesome?!?

I also couldn’t believe the crazy waves on the lake! haha

look! the city!!

this is one fancy stadium!

the skyline...through the back window...


I hope you had a great weekend and have a fabulous week!

P.S. I’m sorry this is turning into a blog mostly about pictures… :/ I haven’t really done anything crafty lately…although I did start a pair of handwarmers…but I seriously have like 5 rows 😦 However I might have something later this week…:D

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