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Prayer Shawl in the Making

October 22, 2010

So last night I watched some TV on my laptop (thanks, Hulu!) and finally got to work more on my prayer shawl! 😀

I would’ve gotten farther if I had looked up the pattern to refresh my memory…I thought I remembered, but I had some steps backwards! XP my bad. And then I kept adding too many rows of a certain color. So if I was perfect I would’ve had a good 5-or so more rows than I currently have. *sigh* Oh, well, all’s good 🙂 Plus I have until Dec. 11th to finish it! 😀

The pattern, btw, is from Lion’s Brand: Soulful Comfort Shawl, and I decided to go with stripes using the yarn I was given for the shawl. Right now I’m just a tad worried that I’ll run out of the multi-colored yarn…actually I’m about 90% positive that I will! haha – well my parents are visiting this weekend, so maybe they can drive me to a yarn store! ^_^

stripe pattern!

In other news – it gets dark out so much earlier now!! 😦 It feels strange! But overall fall here has been pretty nice! Gotta love jeans and a sweatshirt weather! 🙂

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