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Costume Time!

October 31, 2010

So last week some friends and I ventured off campus to the Goodwill to look for costume ideas! (yay for metro adventures!)

As we were looking I found this suit vest-dress thing and my roommate suggested that I be like a Mobster or something. I decided to go with it – so I also picked up a black belt. At Target yesterday, I got some sheer black tights making my costume cost a whopping $10.50. Not bad. (especially since I can definitely wear the tights and belt again, the vest-thing is more iffy lol)

(P.S. excuse any mess in the background and bad lighting – dorm rooms don’t make for ideal photo shoots 😛 )

Here is where I was inspired by Marisa on New Dress A Day (If you don’t know who she is you should go check out her blog – she’s so funny!). So I wasn’t a huge fan of the length of this dress thing – and there was a button missing…so time for a shorter hem! Plus I’m going to a Halloween party, so I want a fun dress! (no worries, it’s still going to be tasteful!)

So. My weapons: safety pins and blue tape.


Yay! As you can (hopefully) see, I tried to put the pins in such a way that they would blend in as much as possible. The blue tape is being sneaky – I rolled it into loops and pressed it on the insides of the seam. (Earlier I tried this with just 3 pins and blue tape on the edge of the seam, but the tape kept coming off! So I really hope this works!)

Wahoo! A new hem!

Hahaha I need to find an iron…

(sorry for the poor lighting, but this pic was too funny not to show)

It turned out that I didn’t need an iron! I just let some books sit on top of the dress for a good 4 hours. 🙂

Here’s my final look: (sorry you can’t see the shoes – they were just black flats)

It was so fun seeing pretty much everyone on campus in costumes! I got some great ideas for next year, lol! 😀

Happy Halloween!

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